So career decision for the next 10 years

Besides my small job today I want to prepare myself for something very big for the near future.
I was a scholar in school days and I also used to write good essays.
And I had a very good vocabulary and command over the English Grammar.

So I set some goals for myself:
1. I will be an Author of Fiction / Non Fiction / Business Novels
2. I will also write books for school curriculum both global & local
3. I will prepare eLearning courses on my domain using WP Sensei
4. I will also write books for CS & MBA
5. I will also make courses for
6. I will be the pioneer in making courses for Personal MBA & Personal MS CS & Personal MS UXD
7. I will be an authoritarian of all my subjects
8. Side by side I will do my studies @ IGNOU & IIT-Powai
9. Want to develop a way of earning passive income
0. Want to make a huge name in the Software World