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SMS traffic back to nearly 1 billion / day under new system to check pesky messages

India’s mobile SMS traffic has reached close to a billion SMSes per day, similar to the levels before the new regime was implemented on April 1, thus showing increased adaptability to the blockchain technology-based system to filter pesky messages.

The volume of SMSes delivered per day had declined almost 30% to 700 million in the first week of April as business entities held back on sending promotional SMSes to avoid failures. But now that the traffic has reached almost normal levels, experts expect the SMS channel to grow beyond 1 billion as Covid-led restrictions make it the most relevant choice for marketing needs of enterprises.

“A big change like DLT (distributor ledger technology) was well adopted in a few weeks by businesses which tells you that SMS still has a long way to sustain,” said Aniketh Jain, chief revenue officer of telemarketing firm Kaleyra.

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