Uncontested Market-Space

Was thinking on the lines of Blue Ocean Strategy to write my first ambitious new book.
The comparison of Blue v/s Red, I cannot repeat.
Still I want to write 100+ case-studies on the lines of Blue Ocean Strategy.

After thinking for a while I landed upon an idea to call it ***Uncontested Market-Space***.

Business of Education is now my Business

Bill Gates = Microsoft
Steve Jobs = Apple
Jeff Bezos = Amazon
Sergey Brin + Larry Page = Google
Walt Disney = Disney Productions
Larry Ellison = Oracle Corporation
DHH = Ruby On Rails
RMS + Linus Torvalds = GNU/Linux

Navin Dhanuka = ed:TECH (local & global == essentially everywhere where there is Internet).

What do I call it? InkPOT.co.in?
Yes!!! I call it InkPot.co.in – The Purpose Publishing House.

52 Mondays

52 Mondays is a book by Vic Johnson.
I had the pleasure of reading the book summary on this book by Summaries.com.
And since I had much of a time that week, I made a SlideShare and a YouTube out of it.
The traffic on both the places has been motivating.

Hello World!!!

Hi Everyone…

Welcome to my blog — GeeK007.com.
My name is Navin Dhanuka.
I am an Information Architect.
I am from India.

This blog is actually a K.L.O.G. of mine.
I post things regularly of all my learnings and good readings.

Welcome once again.
I hope you enjoy your stay.

If you want to reach out to me you can mail me at navindhanuka@gmail.com or call me at +91-9987752076.