Just dying to start but have to first be an **Herculean**

I have understood the semantics of what an ECLS should be and would be and could be.
But I have to be highly accurate. And complete in making any meaning for my students and learners.

I now feel I have better waited so many years as now I understand the game far better.
I also say that as now I understand it better I can now deliver it far better.

One thing I was saying 2 myself is that — “You have to be a Herculean to be able to deliver it.”.
So I now am working out in my brain gym to be a **Herculean** of my subjects.
I promise that my learner would have the best comprehension power and the best learning power.

Will Smith said, “If you have a dream, You have to protect it.”
This is my dream and now I am going to protect it. And portray it.