ed:TECH Startup

More more and more and more ed:TECH Startups are happening everywhere.
Most of them are for K12.
I will take some names (Khan Academy / Byjus).

Today most of the world has Smartphones and PC’s enabled with Internet.
And hence it’s feasible for these course wares to be sold.

I want to do an ed:TECH startup as well.
But I am not able to do the video part. Hence no YouTube and Video Apps.
I have every other thing.
I have tonnes of content. And a sexy LCMS.

I intend 2 start 2/3 courses soon on an Sensei LCMS.
Let’s call it Ruby Course.
I will teach it for free to start with.

I now intend to make course wares around Open Source for everyone on my LCMS Sensei.