Picture School is what I am now thinking

I was thinking aloud for sometime and found that doing a video is not something of my capacity as on date as I am unable to afford the video camera and skills of computer software to edit and polish and present the video to the world.

Then today I started working on a Powerpoint Presentation of the book Getting Real by 37Signals.com. And somehow I started believing that I can too do a cool ed:TECH startup around fundamental stuff like Picture Books for mere mortals or for that matter anyone and on any commanding and demanding subject.

I did some Google and found out many websites which sell royalty free images.
I have shortlisted ShutterStock.com and FreePIK.com.

If both I found FreePik.COM to be highly affordable.
Just 10 EURO / Month and 100 Downloads / Day.
Will buy ASAP.

First What — Book or eLearning Course

Its far easy to launch a eLearning Course rather than a Book.
As per the plans, I will be giving eLearning Course for free and the associate book for a fee. A highly nominal fee.

So my first course is on a crash course on CS & associated MBA stuff and associated UXD stuff.
I will teach 11 CS Programming languages together.
These would be:

  1. C
  2. C++
  3. Java
  4. Perl
  5. PHP
  6. Python
  7. Ruby
  8. JavaScript
  9. BASH
  10. C#
  11. SQL


I can’t afford Video for my ed:TECH

I tried all possible combinations and formats for making ECLS more powerful and affordable both for myself and for my students. I have zeroed down on the way of making SlideShares instead of YouTube’s.

I will be using WP Sensei asap and will roll out courses asap.
I will be using SlideShare extensively.

I will make 1 more attempt to record my voice over PPT / Keynote and see if it gels well.
Last attempt of last way of looking at things.

Once the way crystallises, I will start my journey.

ECLS & 7 Paradigms

ECLS was supposed to be of the 7 paradigms.
01 – CMS
02 – LCMS
03 – ERP
04 – KRP
05 – ECLS
06 – iSOCIAL
07 – iCRM

LCMS = Moodle
ERP = Many

Only bottle neck I have today is technology.
So my publishing arm now rocks.

ed:TECH Startup

More more and more and more ed:TECH Startups are happening everywhere.
Most of them are for K12.
I will take some names (Khan Academy / Byjus).

Today most of the world has Smartphones and PC’s enabled with Internet.
And hence it’s feasible for these course wares to be sold.

I want to do an ed:TECH startup as well.
But I am not able to do the video part. Hence no YouTube and Video Apps.
I have every other thing.
I have tonnes of content. And a sexy LCMS.

I intend 2 start 2/3 courses soon on an Sensei LCMS.
Let’s call it Ruby Course.
I will teach it for free to start with.

I now intend to make course wares around Open Source for everyone on my LCMS Sensei.