Before I start got to do Research

I started yesterday with plans of where I want to reach in next 20 years.
Today I made a jotted plan about the various stages of success I will achieve in next 10 years.

Now its certain that I have 2 first write books with the best ID in the world.
I am not into novels. I am not into fiction.
I am into stuff that matters for the learner in more than 3 ways.

The 3 Ways:
Way 1 – He knows the topic very well despite of being at a very raw age
Way 2 – He masters the topic very very well and makes it very big – big enough like a PhD
Way 3 – He can implement the learning to encash it in a big way

For me to start writing my stuff I again have to do a lot of research:
1. I need to know what already is available, so that I don’t rewrite what has been already written
2. I need to write stuff in an authentic style so that I can bank on it for all the books
3. I need 2 master the instructional design of CS books in an never being written way
3.1 — I will compose them in a way that a CS rookie will be carried in a way to the highest cadre of CS Grad
3.2 — I will make people participate in doing Open Source
3.3 — I have 2 explain people pseudocode and dry run well
3.4 — I might also go for flowcharts instead of pseudocode or dry run
3.5 — I will teach more than 10 languages at a time
3.6 — I will first start with Ruby book. It would be a just an independent book
3.7 — I will also use Visual Thinking
3.8 — I will also use a PPT style / YouTube Video
3.9 — Will cover maximum scope of Ruby
3.0 — Will give PDF for free or @ KBP for a small fee.