Steve Krugs Books are the name of 2days game

I read Steve Krugs both books almost 10 years back. And they were a good read.
Today I am rereading the books for fun. And I am really enjoying it.
I finished reading both books @ 6 hours non stop.
Made some scribbling notes as well.
Will make a PDF or a SlideShare on it.

Picture School is what I am now thinking

I was thinking aloud for sometime and found that doing a video is not something of my capacity as on date as I am unable to afford the video camera and skills of computer software to edit and polish and present the video to the world.

Then today I started working on a Powerpoint Presentation of the book Getting Real by And somehow I started believing that I can too do a cool ed:TECH startup around fundamental stuff like Picture Books for mere mortals or for that matter anyone and on any commanding and demanding subject.

I did some Google and found out many websites which sell royalty free images.
I have shortlisted and

If both I found FreePik.COM to be highly affordable.
Just 10 EURO / Month and 100 Downloads / Day.
Will buy ASAP.

First What — Book or eLearning Course

Its far easy to launch a eLearning Course rather than a Book.
As per the plans, I will be giving eLearning Course for free and the associate book for a fee. A highly nominal fee.

So my first course is on a crash course on CS & associated MBA stuff and associated UXD stuff.
I will teach 11 CS Programming languages together.
These would be:

  1. C
  2. C++
  3. Java
  4. Perl
  5. PHP
  6. Python
  7. Ruby
  8. JavaScript
  9. BASH
  10. C#
  11. SQL


Just dying to start but have to first be an **Herculean**

I have understood the semantics of what an ECLS should be and would be and could be.
But I have to be highly accurate. And complete in making any meaning for my students and learners.

I now feel I have better waited so many years as now I understand the game far better.
I also say that as now I understand it better I can now deliver it far better.

One thing I was saying 2 myself is that — “You have to be a Herculean to be able to deliver it.”.
So I now am working out in my brain gym to be a **Herculean** of my subjects.
I promise that my learner would have the best comprehension power and the best learning power.

Will Smith said, “If you have a dream, You have to protect it.”
This is my dream and now I am going to protect it. And portray it.

I can’t afford Video for my ed:TECH

I tried all possible combinations and formats for making ECLS more powerful and affordable both for myself and for my students. I have zeroed down on the way of making SlideShares instead of YouTube’s.

I will be using WP Sensei asap and will roll out courses asap.
I will be using SlideShare extensively.

I will make 1 more attempt to record my voice over PPT / Keynote and see if it gels well.
Last attempt of last way of looking at things.

Once the way crystallises, I will start my journey.

ECLS & 7 Paradigms

ECLS was supposed to be of the 7 paradigms.
01 – CMS
02 – LCMS
03 – ERP
04 – KRP
05 – ECLS
06 – iSOCIAL
07 – iCRM

LCMS = Moodle
ERP = Many

Only bottle neck I have today is technology.
So my publishing arm now rocks.

ed:TECH Startup

More more and more and more ed:TECH Startups are happening everywhere.
Most of them are for K12.
I will take some names (Khan Academy / Byjus).

Today most of the world has Smartphones and PC’s enabled with Internet.
And hence it’s feasible for these course wares to be sold.

I want to do an ed:TECH startup as well.
But I am not able to do the video part. Hence no YouTube and Video Apps.
I have every other thing.
I have tonnes of content. And a sexy LCMS.

I intend 2 start 2/3 courses soon on an Sensei LCMS.
Let’s call it Ruby Course.
I will teach it for free to start with.

I now intend to make course wares around Open Source for everyone on my LCMS Sensei.

Before I start got to do Research

I started yesterday with plans of where I want to reach in next 20 years.
Today I made a jotted plan about the various stages of success I will achieve in next 10 years.

Now its certain that I have 2 first write books with the best ID in the world.
I am not into novels. I am not into fiction.
I am into stuff that matters for the learner in more than 3 ways.

The 3 Ways:
Way 1 – He knows the topic very well despite of being at a very raw age
Way 2 – He masters the topic very very well and makes it very big – big enough like a PhD
Way 3 – He can implement the learning to encash it in a big way

For me to start writing my stuff I again have to do a lot of research:
1. I need to know what already is available, so that I don’t rewrite what has been already written
2. I need to write stuff in an authentic style so that I can bank on it for all the books
3. I need 2 master the instructional design of CS books in an never being written way
3.1 — I will compose them in a way that a CS rookie will be carried in a way to the highest cadre of CS Grad
3.2 — I will make people participate in doing Open Source
3.3 — I have 2 explain people pseudocode and dry run well
3.4 — I might also go for flowcharts instead of pseudocode or dry run
3.5 — I will teach more than 10 languages at a time
3.6 — I will first start with Ruby book. It would be a just an independent book
3.7 — I will also use Visual Thinking
3.8 — I will also use a PPT style / YouTube Video
3.9 — Will cover maximum scope of Ruby
3.0 — Will give PDF for free or @ KBP for a small fee.

So goals from now

1 Avid Reader
2 Consultant
3 Programmer
4 Designer
5 Author
6 Teacher
7 Businessman
8 Student
9 Hacker
10 Visionary
11 Entrepreneur
12 SerialEntrepreneur
13 GameDesigner
14 WebDesigner
15 Essayist
16. FOSS Evangelist
17 MBA
18 PhD
19 Indian
20 Global
21 Netizen

So career decision for the next 10 years

Besides my small job today I want to prepare myself for something very big for the near future.
I was a scholar in school days and I also used to write good essays.
And I had a very good vocabulary and command over the English Grammar.

So I set some goals for myself:
1. I will be an Author of Fiction / Non Fiction / Business Novels
2. I will also write books for school curriculum both global & local
3. I will prepare eLearning courses on my domain using WP Sensei
4. I will also write books for CS & MBA
5. I will also make courses for
6. I will be the pioneer in making courses for Personal MBA & Personal MS CS & Personal MS UXD
7. I will be an authoritarian of all my subjects
8. Side by side I will do my studies @ IGNOU & IIT-Powai
9. Want to develop a way of earning passive income
0. Want to make a huge name in the Software World

Best Time 2 Be A Student

Once upon a time, a long long time back there used to be an educational system called Gurukul’s where the discipline’s used to be only the young Prince’s of the nearby Kingdom’s. The system was of running this kinda Gurukul was in jungles. This system use to train the Prince in War-Fare, Administration, Economics and Law & Order primarily.

Now the next era of educational system was the modern school. Here there were benches in a small room, and there were blackboards for teachers 2 write with chalk and clear doubts of students that were occurring. Slowly this education system world famous and was implemented in every corner of the world.

Now the latest educational system is of e-Learning. People pay nothing or very nominal for professional courses. They take the course for anytime, all the time. This is the next generation system that is there now.