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Why ‘7’

August 6, 2009

A friend of mine and a colleague at office were asking me repeatedly that why do I choose always 7 as the count for analyzing any projects that come to my table (I work as an Information Architect).

The answer is simple. There are only 7 colors in a rainbow and there are only 7 notes in music. Based on the 7 colors of rainbow and 7 notes in music unlimited amount of color combinations and songs and symphonies have been made.

Isn’t this a simple thought.


7 Pillars of Entertainment Industry – Part 1

August 6, 2009

There are 7 pillars of entertainment industry, be it a movie or a theater. They are:

  1. Happy & Sad
  2. Love (Romance) & Hate
  3. Winning (Fight, Sports, War) & Losing
  4. Sci-Fi & Animation
  5. Horror & God
  6. Comedy & Tragedy
  7. Action (Fight, Sex) & Suspense

All possible movies, dramas have been built and will be built around these pillars. They might include maybe just one pillar or maybe more than one pillar.

As and when I have time, I will be writing more about them.