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Influencing Business with a wall of knowledge

April 13, 2011

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Book Extract :: Designing Web Usability

April 4, 2011

Book Extract

Please find the book extract of  Designing Web Usability.

UX woes @

March 17, 2011

Last night I got an email from a prospective customer at my

He was from outside India, maybe USA and he was finding it difficult to buy me a Gift Voucher from FlipKart, because FlipKart system demanded the clients address to be in India. Plus it asked for a SMS verification again which has be an Indian Cellular phone.

I gave a call to FlipKart customer service and they could not help much.

I gave my customer, my username and password to my FlipKart A/c.

Gave him baby steps to do the shopping of 2 books that which I want to give as extract @ . Since he was paying by credit card the SMS verification could be disabled and hence he could pay me by shopping for me.

If some one at FlipKart is listening, I would like them to acknowledge the discomfort offered.

Good UX

March 2, 2011

Good UX is a nice place for downloading bollywood mp3.

This site also has some bollywood news. Plus they have enhanced user experience to a great extent.

Every post excerpt shows how many words are there in the full post and how much time would some one spend reading that post.

Awesome UX.




Change has come to America — sorry — its THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

March 2, 2011

Site in Clintons Time


Site after Obama was elected

Read a complete analysis at

Getting Real

March 2, 2011

Getting Real


Want to build a successful web app? Then it’s time to Get Real. Getting Real is a smaller, faster, better way to build software.

Getting Real is about skipping all the stuff that represents real (charts, graphs, boxes, arrows, schematics, wireframes, etc.) and actually building the real thing.

Getting real is less. Less mass, less software, less features, less paperwork, less of everything that’s not essential (and most of what you think is essential actually isn’t).

Getting Real is staying small and being agile.

Getting Real starts with the interface, the real screens that people are going to use. It begins with what the customer actually experiences and builds backwards from there. This lets you get the interface right before you get the software wrong.

Getting Real is about iterations and lowering the cost of change. Getting Real is all about launching, tweaking, and constantly improving which makes it a perfect approach for web-based software.

Getting Real delivers just what customers need and eliminates anything they don’t.

Read it all @

Bad error messages in iTunes

March 2, 2011

Error Message in iTunes

Error Message in iTunes


Good error messages are a part of a good usable product.

What would you call the app which has bad error messages.

User Experience – Treasure Map

November 10, 2010

UX Treasure Map

Found this @ Semantic

Usability Testing – Rocket Surgery Made Easy

November 10, 2010

Usability Testing - Steve Krug

Finished reading the book. Its nice. Will write a book extract of the same this weekend.

Book Review -::- Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug

July 23, 2009

Don't Make Me Think - Steve Krug

Don’t Make Me Think – I bought this book quite a time back, and also finished reading it very soon (It took me 2 days, the book says it should be read in max 3-4 hours).

I have made a small extract of 8 pages from the book to use as guidelines for all my projects.

It is a very very good book to start with as far as Usability and User Experience is concerned.

Steve Krug the author has an accompanying website at , and he rightly puts it as Advanced Common Sense Home.

Cool book, cool price, cool thoughts……go fot it.