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poMMo – PHP based mass mailing software

November 9, 2010


poMMo is a PHP based mass mailing software or say web app. In my previous organizations I have used PHP-List for deploying a mass mailing solution. PHP-List was good it had more features and ability to handle more number of email addresses per list. In my current organization, I was unable to configure PHP-List. We even thought of buying official support from PHP-List. Then one day just strolling here and there on the web I found poMMo.

It has a very nice interface, very easy to install and very fast. It has 3 ways of sending the mass mail – from smtp, from sendmail and from php mail function. You can also control the number of mails you can send through within an hour every hour. It doesnot have the stats feature ready yet, but the developers are working on it and will be there in the next release.

Of all the PHP based web solutions seen so far I love wordpress, phpbb and pommo.