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Just for Fun – Linus Torvalds

November 10, 2010
Just For Fun

Just for Fun

  • It takes design & good taste to be simple.
  • The act of delving into someone’s passion would be akin to “invading his soul”.
  • In the American version of the game, you draw the enemy lines and the skill rests on one side’s ability to be divisive. European politicians tend to win by demonstrating they can foster cooperation.
  • “FO OF” is the hexadecimal representation of the first two bytes of an illegal instruction sequence that made Pentium CPU lock up.
  • Golden Rules: Number One: “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.” If you follow that rule, you will always know how to behave in any situation. Number Two is “Be proud of what you do.” Number Three: “And have fun doing it.”
  • First Survival. Second your place in the social order. And then entertainment. The three things that make us do the things we do.

Management Education OR Tech Education

November 8, 2010

After reading some mgt. books and some biographies and some summaries I was thinking what would pay me off better and why. Will Mgt. education pay better or Tech edu. After some thinking I feel its Tech Edu.

The corporate ladder takes any one up or in between based on only 2 criteria, one formal education which is an MBA from a premiere institute or another may be quality experience which may be a track record of fabulous performance in more than one area.

Now for tech, the new technologies that are coming up are not taught even in the best of the best tech schools in the country. And an edge in implementing the new tech can seriously open the gateways of many many a many job offers. Forget job offers you can even start your own consultancy.

I am making a schedule for myself for every month. First 10 days of the month I will read Mgt. Books and the remaining 20 days tech books. By my previous schedule I have to finish 40 book summaries and 1 biography in the remaining 2 days. Voila this would be fun. We Indians really work better under pressure.

Free eLearning a.k.a eTraining for FOSS Technologies

November 6, 2010

iTunes University has some of the best video podcasts from some of the best computer science faculties from some of the best Universities in the world. Its a boon. Open Courseware has come to life.

Sadly, Indian premiere institute IIT-Mumbai has produced something called Spoken Tutorial. It lacks in each and every aspect of a training material.

I really wish I could have made my screen-casts based on WinK like 4 years back, when I was really enthusiastic & active about it. I did get a mail from Vector Linux, Canada – applauding my effort.

MBA v/s Personal MBA .:AND:. MS CS v/s Personal MS CS

November 2, 2010

As a good school student I used to learn a lot both in school and at home. I never studied properly after 9th grade. I dun know how I managed to pass every grade after that. But as a kid I had dreams of becoming a Doctor as that was the only profession known to me. The Doctor wears a white coat, cures you and makes good respectable money .

After dabbling with Biology in 11nth and 12th grade I could not by-heart or mug-up the various terminologies and jargons about biological terms. I passed 12th grade biology with grace marks. And by then I had made my dreams of being a doctor pass away, as I understood its not my cup of tea.

By then computers and Internet were the buzz words and Bill Gates paid a visit to India and I came to know he is the richest person in the world and has made his money in selling softwares (software licenses). I thought of making a career in Computers and did summer internships in .COM companies. Needless to say both of them could not survive the dot-com bubble bust.

I did join a course in Management and in Computer Applications, but I must say that the campus at both the places laked n everything be it infrastructure, people or pupils. I am happy that I passed out of one :).

Now after 6 years of leaving education at University level, I have the urge to go back and do an MBA or MS in CS. In USA or Canada. I would love to do both, but today I have constraints which do not allow me to do any. project stands for an MBA education without going to a University and without paying a lot of money. Similarly I can think of an MS in CS without going to a University and without paying a lot of money.‘s (99 Books) different category of MBA subjects are

  1. Productivity & Effectiveness (7 books)
  2. The Human Mind (4 books)
  3. Communication (5 books)
  4. Influence (4 books)
  5. Decision Making (4 books)
  6. Creativity & Innovation (3 books)
  7. Project Management (2 books)
  8. Opportunity Identification (2 books)
  9. Entrepreneurship (6 books)
  10. Value Creation & Design (4 books)
  11. Marketing (4 books)
  12. Sales (4 books)
  13. Value Delivery (3 books)
  14. Negotiation (3 books)
  15. Management (5 books)
  16. Leadership (5 books)
  17. Finance & Accounting (4 books)
  18. Systems (3 books)
  19. Corporate Skills (3 books)
  20. Corporate Strategy (5 books)
  21. Consulting (2 books)
  22. Personal Finance (6 books)
  23. Personal Development (5 books)

On the same lines if I had to design a course for Personal MS in CS I would do the following:

  1. Programming Paradigms
  2. Algorithms & Data-Structures
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Database Management Systems
  5. Data-mining & Data warehousing
  6. Design Patterns
  7. Web Application Development Technologies
  8. Server Side Scripting Languages & Frameworks
  9. Rich Internet Applications
  10. Networking Technologies & Network Programming
  11. Information Security & Cryptography
  12. Compiler Designs
  13. Artificial Intelligence
  14. Human Computer Interface
  15. ERP, CRM & Project Management
  16. Embedded Systems Design

I am not ready with the language names specifics and the suggested books specifics but I am sure the array of subjects can’t be more than what I have mentioned.

In the coming days I will write more about both PMBA & PMsCs. Stay tuned.