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The Business of Branding

May 13, 2016

Responsive Design

April 13, 2011

[slideshare id=7605298&doc=bdconf-110412145559-phpapp01]

Influencing Business with a wall of knowledge

April 13, 2011

[slideshare id=7594783&doc=wokmunc-110411210634-phpapp02]

Beyond the mobile web

April 13, 2011

Pretty good presentation…

[slideshare id=7603131&doc=beyond-the-mobile-web-by-yiibu-110412113255-phpapp01]

E Books are not the future

April 12, 2011

Its a good presentation. But I am sure eBooks are the future.

[slideshare id=3700203&doc=e-booksarenotthefutureofbooks-100412111210-phpapp02]

MVC Demystified

April 12, 2011

[slideshare id=45601&doc=mvc-demystified-essence-of-ruby-on-rails-25741]

25 Basic Styles of Blogging

April 12, 2011

[slideshare id=37589&doc=25stylesofbloggingrohitbhargava-1227332414520753-9]

This is cool.

Steve Jobs — The Presentaion Secrets

April 11, 2011

[slideshare id=2814996&doc=thepresentationsecretsofstevejobs-12624250623795-phpapp01]

May the God live forever.

Mr MBA – Hey Henry

April 11, 2011

[slideshare id=35461&doc=meet-henry-13821]

Rocks!!! Content, Delivery & Design are the core of User Experience.

Book :: Web Design Fundamentals

February 16, 2011

I finished reading the book in like 1 hour and spent another making the presentation. See we are planning to start our recruiting next month and we are hiring only internees. I don’t have much time to train or orient everyone so I am making slideshare of what I learn everyday. If you like my slides please post a comment or drop an email. My Email address is

[slideshare id=6942684&doc=webdesignfundamentals-110216021105-phpapp01]