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HCI — Human Computer Interaction

March 18, 2011

I was just having a chat with a buddy who is going to do a 2 year masters in HCI.

Lets see what I see in HCI as in what more there can be which is not already.

HCI started and now is with:

  • Calculators
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Computing
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Tablet better now known as iPAD
  • Small Gadgets (iPOD, GPS, Kindle)

Lets see each of them step by step.

1. Calculators — I remember the first I saw when I was in 2nd grade. It was big and the keys were very big and the display screen was also very big, though it could not take or calculate big numbers. Then in college there was a need for scientific calculator so i bought one and had a look and liked it. The snack of the designer of the sc, in the form of accumulating and positioning all the possible desired functions at a one place, was cool. If given a specification

2. QWERTY Keyboard — The keyboard that we use today was designed not by an HCI expert. And the design and layout is so so good. I just love it. I really have an inner most feeling that the english alphabets are so beautifully woven and placed that if you can have a sense for music and given a leaf of lyrics, it would be make some music on the mechanical keyboard, for it is that which would make some clanking noise. (The guy should also have some sense about english grammar and syllables).

3. Computing — The PCs and not the servers are the main stream biz for HCI experts. And yes there is “Start” & there is a “My Computer”. The main innovation that i see would happen when we have relational file systems and Web 3.0 .

4. Mobile — First there was Nokia and then iPhone to be followed by Android. The core of HCI in this field is also almost over.

5. Web — First there was TEXT, IMAGES, SOUND, VIDEO and not Interactivity. Web-Apps are the name of the game and i see that people of the web now say “Less is More”. There are fields like UXE, UI and IA. Not far to go.

6. Tablet — It was M$ who invented the tablet. Apple who understood it and innovated and the rest of the moolah to follow and loose. iPAD2 is far good than iPAD1.

7. Small Gadgets — iPOD has a niche market and the market for GPS is very small and almost diminishing. Kindle is good and will survive.

So where is the scope for innovation and HCI in the future.

I believe its in enhanced learning systems. A separate post on it