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I am moving my blog to a new address

April 30, 2011

My new blog address is

IIFA – 12 years of Apeing around the world an calling it Glorification

April 11, 2011

IIFA = International Indian Film Academy

Now lets understand the word, word by word.

I = International — which ideally should be like Golden Globe or The real Academy awards called Oscars where cinema of all the world is honored for talent and drama and essentially Cinema. Sorry Indian Apes (read artists), your first word I = International is not eligible at all. But what i see your international means is that you host your IIFA (read Indian Insult For Arts) every year at International locales which is not essentially India. Also please please please you don’t have even one INTERNATIONAL artist. And if you have even one which sis Shekhar Kapoor he made his career by making a movie on GANG-RAPE.

I = Indian — Ooh!!! Well all the movies are Indian, essentially Hindi which means the box is called “Bollywood” which is an original term from Indian Granths. Salue you Indian apes.

F = Film — Wah!!!! The word Bollywood is original and so have been all your movies and all your songs. Long live Apewood sorry Bollywood.

A = Academy — Again Apeing. You 3rd class stereo type actors, directors, music directors aped and created the word “bollywood” and now want to ape the word “Academy”. The Academy was found in May 16, 1929, your fucking country was not even independent then. And looking at the trend I think you are not even Independent today. And would never be.

Fuck you Bollywood. Fuck you stallwarts of Bollywood be it AB or SRK. Fuck you Indian Cinema.

Happy New Year – Hapy Gudi Padwa

April 4, 2011

Indians are the only morons to have more than 7 new year days. Anywaz you get to eat a lot of sweets is all of my concern.

So I am all set for April, just like I was for March. HackMBA is not happening any soon. I am busy with my hacks on UI & OE.
I am writing book extracts on UI at the speed of more than 1 a day.
I have more than 50 books in my archive to read through.

Lets see if I can meet the deadline i.e. the end of the month and finish all of them.
Stay tuned.

The new CRM — Civilian Resource Management

March 21, 2011

Wikipedia page on Corruption In India says:

As of 2010, India is the ninth-most corrupt country in the world, with about 54% of Indians paying a bribe in the past year, according to a global survey by Transparency International (TI).[4][5]

It also says:

Political corruption and bureaucratic corruption in India are major concerns.

Also check

So the cheap south indian labor may also subscribe for increasing the exchange rate to increase there profits at the cost of the country.

Cheap gets cheaper and deteriorateor to the anywatz imbalanced ecosystem.

Guys you can’t make a dam tech product, say a simple CRM.

CRM that the world knows of is Customer Relationship Management.

You have the fucking balls, keep fucking.

India and indian cinema, anywaz have cheap romeoz and no Einsteins.

Can they have any Linus Torvald atleast. I know. Its NO.

Its said that the SCUM of India goes to Indian Politics and hence the Politics of India is SCUM.

Maid in India — Sonia Gandhi… Mind you they have nothing to do with M.K. Gandhi. India’s self proclaimed “Mahatma..”

This M.K. Gandhi wanted to be the epitome of Non-Violence so he withdrew the “Quit India” movement. And he was eventually killed inside India for trying to be FATHER to BOTH INDIA AND PAKISTAN.

Bollywood Apes are called the legendary actors….

They ape even the ACADEMY. Indian Film federation has formed IIFA – International Indian Film Academy

  • They don’t organize the fest in India
  • They take international which means every known artist packs bag, travels to the cere-money

I am sure because they make money because of endorsements, they organize it.

Plus there are atleast 5 more different film magazine awards or TV Channel awards in India….

The apes of Cinema, the Bollywood Apes —- “SALUTE YOUR APEing” —- “FO, Fo, FO”

I was born inteligent – Education ruined me

March 19, 2011

I just applied for job to AgencyDigi, PayPal and Atidan. They all have good openings in UI, UX & IA. My expenses per month are not more than 5,000 INR bucks and I really don’t like working for others, especially when roles are well defined and very small.

All of my colleagues that I know off now are very good in their job careers but yes I never thought good of them and I still don’t. I dropped out of studies twice once in graduate level and again in masters level, just because the faculty was sub-standard and so was the campus and my desire to align with them and take a printout of a certification vanished.

My last sting with academia was in 2003, oh yes and the next was at a cyber-cafe now called Center for Development of Advanced Computing. I have done jobs at some places which I can never say I am proud of.

Now, what I am really interested in. Mark Twain once said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”. I just want to improvise on it saying that I dun care about certification paper, all I want and need is learning, on-demand learning.

Now on-demand learning is there on the internet, but it all comes with the same f*** certification paper. And its all again like you have to pay a lot on demand service. I personally don’t like it because you have to pay a lot. Why should I pay $999 for a basic linux course.

When in school, I used to refer to all possible and available books on every subject. I did really have a great time. And my grades were also good. Somehow I lost the touch when I broke my leg and was in bed for more than 6 months. Its been more than 15 years I have never got my touch back, at-least in scoring grades. And I dun want to hatch wooden benches anywhere for any matter.

So before, I take a plunge in my dot-com dream, I just see that there are some people who are also doing what I am thinking of. There is Khan Academy, there is Personal MBA. KA deals with elementary school topics and PMBA deals with an MBA outside the campus and for the cost of the b0oks.

If life would have served me right, I think after my college, I would have done graduation in computer science and masters in computer science and then masters in management and then a PHD in enhanced learning systems. So the good guy tells me what does it stop me to do the same today. And share it with people online for a small nominal 1/- buck a day.

I think I have a unexplored idea. And I think I should be able to atleast make a dent start at it.

So my plans are to teach people

  • Computer Science — both FOSS & Proprietary
  • MBA — the league of extraordinary gentelman
  • HCI — Human Computer Interaction
  • Elementary Science
  • Elementary Maths
  • GMAT. GRE, SAT preps
  • Creative eye for eye

I won’t like to do more than 7 things.

1st April the fool’s day or the new year day of the yester-years is when, you will see what I am thinking off. Currently I am compounding the syllabus of MBA from all the best of the best colleges. I love deadlines, lets see if i can meet the deadline, this time.

Happy Hacking

March 17, 2011

What is Happy? and what is Hacking?

  • Happy is 🙂
  • Hacking is ?

I was reading Eric Raymonds book “The Cathedral & the Bazaar”. In which he says “Richard Stallman” (aka. rms) is the last hacker of our planet.

Now, I know what is the difference between the word hacker and cracker.

The guy who is a cracker is definitely a hacker, but a bad one because he cracks the string (in CS – string is a chain of characters), either for fun or for frolic. He either steals data or money. While if he is caught he is in Jail.

The guy who is a hacker is a nice guy. There are very few of them. May of them are not there today. I know of one definitely and he is “Richard Stallman”. I had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time at TIFR and second time at IIT-Powai. And as I knew he would be coming to India as per his published schedule, I jumped into creating a free software college fest and making arrangements for him to be the guest of honor. We had all colors in the fest, but it was highly chaotic. I did study the chaos theory then. 🙂 😉

Lets see the whoz who of the Computing World that we know of:

  • Bill Gates (Henry William Gates III) — A better marketer than a hacker
  • Steve Jobs — A better understanding of design & aesthetics
  • Linus Torvalds — Still doing his college project 🙂 its called Linux
  • Richard Stallman — Stands for the world “Free”. Known as the Last Hacker
  • Andy Groove — The Intel Guy. Says only Paranoids Survive
  • Google Boyz (Page & Bin) — Made it in when they were lads. The World Wide Web (Internet) is in their pocket hard drives.
  • Larry Wall (Oracle Dude) — Says, “Software, Hardware, Business”. We take care of your complete biz automation

I dun want to add more than 7.

Now if we see, the computing that we have today is because of them. Be it an Operating System, Office Apps, iPOD, iPHONE, iPAD, Open Source, Free Software, More Cheaper & More Faster Processors, Searching the Web or Reliable Databases, its all because of them.

There was a time, when computers and internet was in-house only for computer scientists inside US Universities or inside US Military. The great spread happened because of cheap PCs. I don’t know who made the GUI or who made the first PC OS, but it was Henry who with his Windows software made a statement that, “I want Windows on every desktop”. I just have a feeling that iPAD will be the desktop killer. iPOD definitely killed the  walkman. Now Unix variants before RMS were only in Universities. RMS founded FSF, wrote the gcc compiler and the GPL license and went around all great Universities in World to preach what the 4 laws of free software are. His dream was to have a collaborative effort make the GNU OS. Now a Finish Student as a casual hack wrote Linux, using gcc and the GPL license. The resultant effort got tagged as Linux OS. RMS and people who understand the origination of idea and the mammoth effort do urge to everyone that it should be called GNU/Linux. And trust me it should not be called open source, where it was free software. Actually more appropriate word according to me would be “OPEN ENGINEERING. FREE SOURCE-CODE”. The Google Boys have created a brand which will last for ever with the computing age and with the race of mankind, and trust me  they just misspelled the word “Gogol”. The word “Google” has now become a verb in dictionaries. Larry Wall is the king of business automation and yes even he will survive.

Nobody today if learn say mechanical engineering, try’s to read how the wheel was invented. But in Computer Science, we need to see how was the system there before and how is it today and traverse on the time-line and see what is ahead. Let me explain, in the past computers were huge like a buildings, now we have iPADs for just 500 bucks. In the past we had walkmans which could store only 20 songs max, but now we have iPODs which can store more than 1000 songs. Previously there was only TV News, Magazines and Newspapers as a media -now- we have auido/video PODCASTS. I have seen podcasts of Stanford & MIT and they are very good. I don’t feel like going to any campus ever in life.

I was applying for job of a UXE at Bing India. But I don’t know why I lost the motivation. I will upload my presentation here on my blog to  share whatz the trend ahead. Keep watching.

Announcement for Subscribers and People who like UX Book summaries.

March 16, 2011

Hello All,

I have got requests from people to do summary of book even on
HTML5 & CSS3, Social Media, SEO, SEM and Blogging.

I am open to all kinds of suggestions and I am happy to provide fast & engrossing contents.

I am proud to announce that we will soon launch are eLearning division.
You can learn

* CSS3
* JavaScript
* Linux
* Core Java
* Advanced Java
* Ruby
* Python and lot more….

The customers who have already paid for the subscription for summaries on only UI and UX get free subscription for all our products and services.
Those who are reading the PDF extracts and thinking or in the deciding phase, take a note that the prices will go high from 1st April.

The current charge is only 510/- INR bucks.
The cost of each of the IA, UI and UX book is about 500/- and trust me I have spent a bomb in getting them from Amazon/Flipkart.
The prices for UI/UX book summary will be 1500/- after 1st April.

Since you are my prospective paying customers, I would like to listen from you as what would you like to have in your inBOX every Friday evening.
Please everyone of you do reply back. Or add me on your GTALK. My Gtalk id is
I personally check and reply every email. (Its not tiring…There have been 500+ emails by now)

Besides for Web Engineering folks, I am launching on 1st April 2011.
And OFFER is all materials for HACKMBA will also be available to you for freeeeee if you are our early bird subscribers.
The offer ends on 1st April 2011.

In short,


All for you at just 510/- a year.
After 1st April the subscription prices will be 1500/-

Thank you for your attention,

Best Wishes & Regards,
Navin Dhanuka

Who am i?

March 14, 2011

One of the subscribers of summaries @, asked me if I was an hacker. Later he asked what OS I was using. And then,  if  I was an open source guy.

😀 😀 😀

I am GeeK 007.

I am into IA, UI & UX.

I like technology. Both Proprietary and FOSS.

FOSS now is Free & Open Source Software.

The word “FREE” implicitly specifies the word free of charge.

Hence I would like to call it as “OPEN ENGINEERING & FREE SOURCE“.

I respect “Henry William Gates III” (better known as Bill Gates”.)

I also respect all FOSS Hackers. (Sorry no names….)

Within some hours I will post the extract of the book “The Cathedral & The Bazaar” – by – Eric Raymond



..The Golden Couple of all Times..

March 3, 2011

The Golden Couple

Is it Designed in INDIA?

March 2, 2011

PixeL- Is It Designed in INDIA?

Saw this at today.

Last gr8 media hype car from Tata was designed by I.D.E.A. I am sure this car also is not designed in India.

I am highly impressed by the managing director and group CEO of Tata Motors — Mr. Carl Peter Forster.

Mr. Carl Peter Forster

Mr. Carl is a UK born German Businessman. I am highly impressed by his career profile found at Wikipedia.

  • 1982 — Joined Mc Kinsey as a consultant in Munich
  • 1986 — Joined BMW
  • 2001 — Appointed CHAIRMAN & MD of Adam Opel AG
  • 2004 — Appointed President of GM Group & Chairman of OPEL & Chairman of SAAB
  • 2006 — Group Vice President of General Motors & Member of GM Automotive Strategy Board
  • 2010 — Group CEO with overall responsibility for Tata Motors Globally including British Unit Jaguar & Land Rover

Salute You!!


The brand TATA sucks big time… they sell salt, tea & whole lot of other stuff which no international brand would do. And Sir Mr. Forster, looking at your class and royal history — the history of association with brands that are gold, I really believe that you took a bad decision in accepting the position at TATA Motors. Rolls Royce or Ferrari would have been a better option and I am sure they would give you a red carpet welcome.

I don’t have a car and I do walk to work & I do really have a taste for cars and I have had made many wallpapers of it.

My favorite car is Alfa Romeo. Which is yours?


On graduation in 1982, Forster joined McKinsey as a consultant in Munich.

[edit] BMW

In 1986, he joined BMW where he held various leadership positions before becoming Managing Director of BMW South Africa in 1996, and the board member responsible for all vehicle development projects in 1999.

[edit] General Motors

In April 2001, Forster was appointed Chairman and Managing Director of Adam Opel AG. In June 2004 he became President of GM Europe, based in Zurich, Switzerland, and Chairman of the Opel Supervisory Board. Since April 2005 he also has been Chairman of Saab. On January 1, 2006, he was additionally appointed General Motors Group Vice President and a member of the GM Automotive Strategy Board, and took over the role as the senior-ranking executive for GM’s activities in Europe.[2]

On November 3, 2009 General Motors announced that it would retain ownership of its Opel subsidiary .[3] Forster commented about GM’s decision not to sell the units to Magna:[4]

Such a sudden shift isn’t comprehensible. I hoped that it would have come to a much different outcome

On November 6, 2009 General Motors confirmed that Forster would be leaving all positions with GM Group globally.[2]

[edit] Tata Motors

On February 15, 2010 India’s Tata Motors announced that Carl Peter Forster has been appointed as the group CEO with overall responsibility for Tata Motors globally, including that of its British unit Jaguar and Land Rover.[1]