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Announcing – OpenSource (dot) Education

April 11, 2014


I have been an ardent lugger since year 2000.
In 2001, I used to work as an internee at, where my love for Open Source grew.

Later I started my Linux CDs retailing eCommerce business with the website @, which was later renamed to Me and my college friends ran the website for more than 3 years. The cost of each CD was just, 50/- INR.

It was 2003, that I organized the first GNU festival called GNUnify – The All India Free Software Festval @ Symbiosis in Pune. Its been from 2003 to 2014 – 11 years now and I have done nothing in the FOSS domain. All these years I have been working as an Usability Analyst at some places.

Since 1st April 2014, I had been having the urge to start working in eLearning for FOSS. I firmly believe there is a huge potential for it. So hereby I am announcing that I will be rolling out http://www.OpenSource.Education .

My first 2 eLearning capsules are on:
1. Demystifying Open Source
2. A2Z of ‘C Language’

If anyone wants some specific tutorials, please email me.
I will add it to my list.
I will be doing Podcasts & Screencasts & PDFs.

I hope I can again deliver what I am setting out for.

Free eLearning a.k.a eTraining for FOSS Technologies

November 6, 2010

iTunes University has some of the best video podcasts from some of the best computer science faculties from some of the best Universities in the world. Its a boon. Open Courseware has come to life.

Sadly, Indian premiere institute IIT-Mumbai has produced something called Spoken Tutorial. It lacks in each and every aspect of a training material.

I really wish I could have made my screen-casts based on WinK like 4 years back, when I was really enthusiastic & active about it. I did get a mail from Vector Linux, Canada – applauding my effort.