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January 29, 2011

I just had a second look at latest addition to my book collection – The Personal MBA. Its written by Josh Kaufman, whom I have been following ever since he started The Personal MBA blog. I have made it a choice now to do my MBA from either the Ivy League or at-least ISB. Anyways writing a book after having a successful weblog is the next big thing so says the spirit of the times of Internet.

I like the cover page of the book. Its nice. I also see that there are only 12 chapters each put in a pretty streamlined manner. All I have a point is that these 12 nodes could have been clubbed into groups as I would like to have seen them. Let me put it here for like the way I wanted to see it.

Before I write it down let me tell you something about Josh Kaufman, he runs a blog on Personal MBA which primarily advocates that a MBA from a premier college is not all that you need to be a good business manager or a successful business entrepreneur. He starts his book well with first asking the reader about who he is and why he is holding this book, what he expects the reader to first learn about himself and then about the material and wealth of information in the book. The following chapters I believe should have been clubbed into sections. The first section should have been called this is business with the first sub chapter being VALUE CREATION – the heart of every business followed by marketing, sales, value delivery to the client and finance. In every field of work you have to deal with yourself dealing people around you. The following 3 chapters of the book do only that and it is to make the reader understand The Human Mind, Working with yourself and then working with others. Now all existing and new, established and struggling business are nothing but independent systems full of small sub-systems. The last 3 chapters of the book talk about understanding them, analyzing them and improving systems.

The book on its index page looks very cool. I hate the fact that after every end sub chapter there is a link to the some video messages. I wish there was a web interface with all the links.

I think I will be done with this book in next 48 hours. I am a slow reader. I will also post the book review and Apple Keynote on Slideshare.