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Just for Fun – Linus Torvalds

November 10, 2010
Just For Fun

Just for Fun

  • It takes design & good taste to be simple.
  • The act of delving into someone’s passion would be akin to “invading his soul”.
  • In the American version of the game, you draw the enemy lines and the skill rests on one side’s ability to be divisive. European politicians tend to win by demonstrating they can foster cooperation.
  • “FO OF” is the hexadecimal representation of the first two bytes of an illegal instruction sequence that made Pentium CPU lock up.
  • Golden Rules: Number One: “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.” If you follow that rule, you will always know how to behave in any situation. Number Two is “Be proud of what you do.” Number Three: “And have fun doing it.”
  • First Survival. Second your place in the social order. And then entertainment. The three things that make us do the things we do.

Andy Grove – The Life & Times of an American

November 5, 2010

Andy Grove

The job of a manager is to elicit peak performance from subordinates.

Behind The Cloud – Marc Benioff

November 5, 2010

Behind The Cloud - Marc Benioff

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Amazon.Com: Get Big Fast – Inside the Revolutionary Business Model That Changed the World

November 4, 2010 Get Big Fast

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