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Blogging to earn money

January 17, 2011

I was not enjoying my job since last 2 weeks, I dun intend to do data entry so what if it is do SEM. I thought of going independent. I dun intend to do a job. Starting a consultancy to cater to Indian clients is bad because Indian clients first don’t pay well, secondly they don’t value time and commitments.

@ Barcamp Mumbai I met Karamveer, who earns more than $ 60,000 a month because of his 100+ blogs. For me even if I earn $1,000 a month from my blogs I will be happy.

Now I need to understand what all can I blog on. Say sky is the limit or better anything under the sun. To make a kickstart I would like to blog about technology, FOSS, FOSS technologies and FOSS apps. I did make an attempt to make  vlog on FOSS when YouTube was in its infancy. Now my target is to earn money and also explore the creative side of me.

Before making any concrete decisions I would first like to make a list of verticals for which there are potential advertisers on Google who are ready to pay money and write content for that vertical on which there will be contextual advertisements from the paying advertisers. I think this is the best way to think of making an attempt to making money to blogging. Write content in context to the direction where you will have contextual advertisements by dollar paying advertisers.