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Announcing – OpenSource (dot) Education

April 11, 2014


I have been an ardent lugger since year 2000.
In 2001, I used to work as an internee at, where my love for Open Source grew.

Later I started my Linux CDs retailing eCommerce business with the website @, which was later renamed to Me and my college friends ran the website for more than 3 years. The cost of each CD was just, 50/- INR.

It was 2003, that I organized the first GNU festival called GNUnify – The All India Free Software Festval @ Symbiosis in Pune. Its been from 2003 to 2014 – 11 years now and I have done nothing in the FOSS domain. All these years I have been working as an Usability Analyst at some places.

Since 1st April 2014, I had been having the urge to start working in eLearning for FOSS. I firmly believe there is a huge potential for it. So hereby I am announcing that I will be rolling out http://www.OpenSource.Education .

My first 2 eLearning capsules are on:
1. Demystifying Open Source
2. A2Z of ‘C Language’

If anyone wants some specific tutorials, please email me.
I will add it to my list.
I will be doing Podcasts & Screencasts & PDFs.

I hope I can again deliver what I am setting out for.