The new CRM — Civilian Resource Management

Wikipedia page on Corruption In India says:

As of 2010, India is the ninth-most corrupt country in the world, with about 54% of Indians paying a bribe in the past year, according to a global survey by Transparency International (TI).[4][5]

It also says:

Political corruption and bureaucratic corruption in India are major concerns.

Also check

So the cheap south indian labor may also subscribe for increasing the exchange rate to increase there profits at the cost of the country.

Cheap gets cheaper and deteriorateor to the anywatz imbalanced ecosystem.

Guys you can’t make a dam tech product, say a simple CRM.

CRM that the world knows of is Customer Relationship Management.

You have the fucking balls, keep fucking.

India and indian cinema, anywaz have cheap romeoz and no Einsteins.

Can they have any Linus Torvald atleast. I know. Its NO.

Its said that the SCUM of India goes to Indian Politics and hence the Politics of India is SCUM.

Maid in India — Sonia Gandhi… Mind you they have nothing to do with M.K. Gandhi. India’s self proclaimed “Mahatma..”

This M.K. Gandhi wanted to be the epitome of Non-Violence so he withdrew the “Quit India” movement. And he was eventually killed inside India for trying to be FATHER to BOTH INDIA AND PAKISTAN.

Bollywood Apes are called the legendary actors….

They ape even the ACADEMY. Indian Film federation has formed IIFA – International Indian Film Academy

  • They don’t organize the fest in India
  • They take international which means every known artist packs bag, travels to the cere-money

I am sure because they make money because of endorsements, they organize it.

Plus there are atleast 5 more different film magazine awards or TV Channel awards in India….

The apes of Cinema, the Bollywood Apes —- “SALUTE YOUR APEing” —- “FO, Fo, FO”

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