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Somewhere in July 2009, I shared my discovery of the 7 possible pillars of the Information Age.

Why just ‘7’?

Because I see and feel that there is nothing more than 7 original constituents for the prime streams.

Let me prove it.

Let me show

  • 7 colors in a rainbow (VIBGYOR)
  • 7 notes in music (Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni) — Note – The Last Sa is not the new note. Its just the higher notation of the first note.
  • 7 modes of entertainment industry (happy & sad, love & hate, winning & losing, sci-fi & animation, horror & god, comedy & tragedy, action (fight & sex)  & suspense)
  • 7 modes of information age (information, communication, transaction, automation, recreation, dissemination & education.)

Let me show you some examples of each of the pillar:

  1. Information:-,,, N number of portals
  2. Communication:- Email, Mobile, IM, Skype
  3. Transaction:- Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon, Online Stocks
  4. Autmoation:- SAP, SalesForce, SugarCRM, 37Signals products
  5. Recreation:- Mp3, iTunes, YouTube, Playboy, Gaming
  6. Dissemination:- Wikipedia, Blogs – WordPress, Blogger
  7. Education :- Wikivarsity & Khan Academy

I always wanted to start something in elearning. I won’t like to call it electronic learning, its essentially enhanced learning system.

Now digitizing something is not what I call e-Learning.

We are in the information age and the promise of this age is to eradicate poverty. No other age has had this promise. What kind of employment this age will have when there is cut-throat competition for margins and high end motivation for productivity by reducing costs – in the sense of cheaper labor and less labor due to high end motivation is what I like to hack and share.


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