I was born inteligent – Education ruined me

I just applied for job to AgencyDigi, PayPal and Atidan. They all have good openings in UI, UX & IA. My expenses per month are not more than 5,000 INR bucks and I really don’t like working for others, especially when roles are well defined and very small.

All of my colleagues that I know off now are very good in their job careers but yes I never thought good of them and I still don’t. I dropped out of studies twice once in graduate level and again in masters level, just because the faculty was sub-standard and so was the campus and my desire to align with them and take a printout of a certification vanished.

My last sting with academia was in 2003, oh yes and the next was at a cyber-cafe now called Center for Development of Advanced Computing. I have done jobs at some places which I can never say I am proud of.

Now, what I am really interested in. Mark Twain once said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”. I just want to improvise on it saying that I dun care about certification paper, all I want and need is learning, on-demand learning.

Now on-demand learning is there on the internet, but it all comes with the same f*** certification paper. And its all again like you have to pay a lot on demand service. I personally don’t like it because you have to pay a lot. Why should I pay $999 for a basic linux course.

When in school, I used to refer to all possible and available books on every subject. I did really have a great time. And my grades were also good. Somehow I lost the touch when I broke my leg and was in bed for more than 6 months. Its been more than 15 years I have never got my touch back, at-least in scoring grades. And I dun want to hatch wooden benches anywhere for any matter.

So before, I take a plunge in my dot-com dream, I just see that there are some people who are also doing what I am thinking of. There is Khan Academy, there is Personal MBA. KA deals with elementary school topics and PMBA deals with an MBA outside the campus and for the cost of the b0oks.

If life would have served me right, I think after my college, I would have done graduation in computer science and masters in computer science and then masters in management and then a PHD in enhanced learning systems. So the good guy tells me what does it stop me to do the same today. And share it with people online for a small nominal 1/- buck a day.

I think I have a unexplored idea. And I think I should be able to atleast make a dent start at it.

So my plans are to teach people

  • Computer Science — both FOSS & Proprietary
  • MBA — the league of extraordinary gentelman
  • HCI — Human Computer Interaction
  • Elementary Science
  • Elementary Maths
  • GMAT. GRE, SAT preps
  • Creative eye for eye

I won’t like to do more than 7 things.

1st April the fool’s day or the new year day of the yester-years is when, you will see what I am thinking off. Currently I am compounding the syllabus of MBA from all the best of the best colleges. I love deadlines, lets see if i can meet the deadline, this time.


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