UX woes @ FlipKart.com

Last night I got an email from a prospective customer at my 51Nuts.com

He was from outside India, maybe USA and he was finding it difficult to buy me a Gift Voucher from FlipKart, because FlipKart system demanded the clients address to be in India. Plus it asked for a SMS verification again which has be an Indian Cellular phone.

I gave a call to FlipKart customer service and they could not help much.

I gave my customer, my username and password to my FlipKart A/c.

Gave him baby steps to do the shopping of 2 books that which I want to give as extract @ 51Nuts.com . Since he was paying by credit card the SMS verification could be disabled and hence he could pay me by shopping for me.

If some one at FlipKart is listening, I would like them to acknowledge the discomfort offered.

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