Happy Hacking

What is Happy? and what is Hacking?

  • Happy is ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Hacking is ?

I was reading Eric Raymonds book “The Cathedral & the Bazaar”. In which he says “Richard Stallman” (aka. rms) is the last hacker of our planet.

Now, I know what is the difference between the word hacker and cracker.

The guy who is a cracker is definitely a hacker, but a bad one because he cracks the string (in CS – string is a chain of characters), either for fun or for frolic. He either steals data or money. While if he is caught he is in Jail.

The guy who is a hacker is a nice guy. There are very few of them. May of them are not there today. I know of one definitely and he is “Richard Stallman”. I had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time at TIFR and second time at IIT-Powai. And as I knew he would be coming to India as per his published schedule, I jumped into creating a free software college fest and making arrangements for him to be the guest of honor. We had all colors in the fest, but it was highly chaotic. I did study the chaos theory then. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lets see the whoz who of the Computing World that we know of:

  • Bill Gates (Henry William Gates III) — A better marketer than a hacker
  • Steve Jobs — A better understanding of design & aesthetics
  • Linus Torvalds — Still doing his college project ๐Ÿ™‚ its called Linux
  • Richard Stallman — Stands for the world “Free”. Known as the Last Hacker
  • Andy Groove — The Intel Guy. Says only Paranoids Survive
  • Google Boyz (Page & Bin) — Made it in when they were lads. The World Wide Web (Internet) is in their pocket hard drives.
  • Larry Wall (Oracle Dude) — Says, “Software, Hardware, Business”. We take care of your complete biz automation

I dun want to add more than 7.

Now if we see, the computing that we have today is because of them. Be it an Operating System, Office Apps, iPOD, iPHONE, iPAD, Open Source, Free Software, More Cheaper & More Faster Processors, Searching the Web or Reliable Databases, its all because of them.

There was a time, when computers and internet was in-house only for computer scientists inside US Universities or inside US Military. The great spread happened because of cheap PCs. I don’t know who made the GUI or who made the first PC OS, but it was Henry who with his Windows software made a statement that, “I want Windows on every desktop”. I just have a feeling that iPAD will be the desktop killer. iPOD definitely killed theย  walkman. Now Unix variants before RMS were only in Universities. RMS founded FSF, wrote the gcc compiler and the GPL license and went around all great Universities in World to preach what the 4 laws of free software are. His dream was to have a collaborative effort make the GNU OS. Now a Finish Student as a casual hack wrote Linux, using gcc and the GPL license. The resultant effort got tagged as Linux OS. RMS and people who understand the origination of idea and the mammoth effort do urge to everyone that it should be called GNU/Linux. And trust me it should not be called open source, where it was free software. Actually more appropriate word according to me would be “OPEN ENGINEERING. FREE SOURCE-CODE”. The Google Boys have created a brand which will last for ever with the computing age and with the race of mankind, and trust meย  they just misspelled the word “Gogol”. The word “Google” has now become a verb in dictionaries. Larry Wall is the king of business automation and yes even he will survive.

Nobody today if learn say mechanical engineering, try’s to read how the wheel was invented. But in Computer Science, we need to see how was the system there before and how is it today and traverse on the time-line and see what is ahead. Let me explain, in the past computers were huge like a buildings, now we have iPADs for just 500 bucks. In the past we had walkmans which could store only 20 songs max, but now we have iPODs which can store more than 1000 songs. Previously there was only TV News, Magazines and Newspapers as a media -now- we have auido/video PODCASTS. I have seen podcasts of Stanford & MIT and they are very good. I don’t feel like going to any campus ever in life.

I was applying for job of a UXE at Bing India. But I don’t know why I lost the motivation. I will upload my presentation here on my blog toย  share whatz the trend ahead. Keep watching.

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