Who am i?

One of the subscribers of summaries @ 51Nuts.com, asked me if I was an hacker. Later he asked what OS I was using. And then,  if  I was an open source guy.

😀 😀 😀

I am GeeK 007.

I am into IA, UI & UX.

I like technology. Both Proprietary and FOSS.

FOSS now is Free & Open Source Software.

The word “FREE” implicitly specifies the word free of charge.

Hence I would like to call it as “OPEN ENGINEERING & FREE SOURCE“.

I respect “Henry William Gates III” (better known as Bill Gates”.)

I also respect all FOSS Hackers. (Sorry no names….)

Within some hours I will post the extract of the book “The Cathedral & The Bazaar” – by – Eric Raymond



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