Is it Designed in INDIA?

PixeL- Is It Designed in INDIA?

Saw this at today.

Last gr8 media hype car from Tata was designed by I.D.E.A. I am sure this car also is not designed in India.

I am highly impressed by the managing director and group CEO of Tata Motors — Mr. Carl Peter Forster.

Mr. Carl Peter Forster

Mr. Carl is a UK born German Businessman. I am highly impressed by his career profile found at Wikipedia.

  • 1982 — Joined Mc Kinsey as a consultant in Munich
  • 1986 — Joined BMW
  • 2001 — Appointed CHAIRMAN & MD of Adam Opel AG
  • 2004 — Appointed President of GM Group & Chairman of OPEL & Chairman of SAAB
  • 2006 — Group Vice President of General Motors & Member of GM Automotive Strategy Board
  • 2010 — Group CEO with overall responsibility for Tata Motors Globally including British Unit Jaguar & Land Rover

Salute You!!


The brand TATA sucks big time… they sell salt, tea & whole lot of other stuff which no international brand would do. And Sir Mr. Forster, looking at your class and royal history — the history of association with brands that are gold, I really believe that you took a bad decision in accepting the position at TATA Motors. Rolls Royce or Ferrari would have been a better option and I am sure they would give you a red carpet welcome.

I don’t have a car and I do walk to work & I do really have a taste for cars and I have had made many wallpapers of it.

My favorite car is Alfa Romeo. Which is yours?


On graduation in 1982, Forster joined McKinsey as a consultant in Munich.

[edit] BMW

In 1986, he joined BMW where he held various leadership positions before becoming Managing Director of BMW South Africa in 1996, and the board member responsible for all vehicle development projects in 1999.

[edit] General Motors

In April 2001, Forster was appointed Chairman and Managing Director of Adam Opel AG. In June 2004 he became President of GM Europe, based in Zurich, Switzerland, and Chairman of the Opel Supervisory Board. Since April 2005 he also has been Chairman of Saab. On January 1, 2006, he was additionally appointed General Motors Group Vice President and a member of the GM Automotive Strategy Board, and took over the role as the senior-ranking executive for GM’s activities in Europe.[2]

On November 3, 2009 General Motors announced that it would retain ownership of its Opel subsidiary .[3] Forster commented about GM’s decision not to sell the units to Magna:[4]

Such a sudden shift isn’t comprehensible. I hoped that it would have come to a much different outcome

On November 6, 2009 General Motors confirmed that Forster would be leaving all positions with GM Group globally.[2]

[edit] Tata Motors

On February 15, 2010 India’s Tata Motors announced that Carl Peter Forster has been appointed as the group CEO with overall responsibility for Tata Motors globally, including that of its British unit Jaguar and Land Rover.[1]

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