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Book :: Web Design Fundamentals

February 16, 2011

I finished reading the book in like 1 hour and spent another making the presentation. See we are planning to start our recruiting next month and we are hiring only internees. I don’t have much time to train or orient everyone so I am making slideshare of what I learn everyday. If you like my slides please post a comment or drop an email. My Email address is

[slideshare id=6942684&doc=webdesignfundamentals-110216021105-phpapp01]

Bryan Adams live show was great

February 12, 2011

Today I went to Bryan Adams live show where he sang all of his best songs. The cost of the ticket was 2000/- bucks and it was worth every buck. This was the first time I went to a live show. There was this one girl who Bryan called on stage of sing and dance with him. The girl was very good, I mean she was able to talk very well and also sing and dance well. The girl hugged Bryan and the whole audience was giving claps.

I am one of the biggest fans of Bryan Adams and I am sure someday I will be able to sing all his songs.

Thank You Bryan for coming to Mumbai for the third time.

I am feeling nice – thank you

February 12, 2011

I was not well and I was planning to join a institute to pursue more learning in IT. I had to make choice between 5 different institutes. I found Karrox’s proposal and prospectus to be the best. I made a call to their counsellor. She gave me a complete good explanation and asked me to come to their Andheri center for more info. I was unable to go as I was still recovering my health. She was kind enough to send a counsellor to my home to explain me the fee structure and installment plans. The guy who came was a 6 feet hunk who came with a bouquet of flowers.

I have never in my life got a bouquet. I was beyond imagination happy. Great prospective customer relationship management. Hats off to you