Omnisio was much much much better

Was surfing through Nirav Mehta’s blog archives and recollected about Startup School 2008 videos, in which David HH of the 37Signals & Ruby On Rails fame had given a great presentation. Clicked on the link to see the video again, but took me to a page which stated that Startup 2008 videos are now on Youtube. The link took me to the presentation and I was shocked to say that the quality of experience & service went down beyond acceptable measures. Its so bad that had it (youtube) been the first choice to host the video of the talks, I would have not seen the video.

Omnisio was the only service on the web to host videos of talks where the speaker is using slides. One one end of the screen you see the slides and on another end you see the speaker talking. The slides changes as the talk goes on and the speaker changes the slides.

All in all Omnisio was great. Google please upgrade the video service.

It can be done, by say adding another channel called Presentation Talks and the Videos of Omnisio can be added there with the good old GUI.

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