Management Education OR Tech Education

After reading some mgt. books and some biographies and some summaries I was thinking what would pay me off better and why. Will Mgt. education pay better or Tech edu. After some thinking I feel its Tech Edu.

The corporate ladder takes any one up or in between based on only 2 criteria, one formal education which is an MBA from a premiere institute or another may be quality experience which may be a track record of fabulous performance in more than one area.

Now for tech, the new technologies that are coming up are not taught even in the best of the best tech schools in the country. And an edge in implementing the new tech can seriously open the gateways of many many a many job offers. Forget job offers you can even start your own consultancy.

I am making a schedule for myself for every month. First 10 days of the month I will read Mgt. Books and the remaining 20 days tech books. By my previous schedule I have to finish 40 book summaries and 1 biography in the remaining 2 days. Voila this would be fun. We Indians really work better under pressure.

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