T20 with a new perspective

T20 Cricket is played so that the sports enthusiast – the person who likes the game – can watch it and get thrilled by the quick results. Plus some glam-sham and fireworks which adds as a catalyst for some quick entertainment.

Now T20 matches have crossed more than 100 innings and the fun I believe is also diluted.

What can be done to add more features & thrill in the T20 format of cricket?

  1. Say there are 8 teams. As per current format of IPL T20 there are atleast 2 matches between any 2 teams and then there are semi finals and finals based on the score chart.
  2. How about making it 3 matches per team? And all the 3 matches on the same day. Say Team A vs Team B — 3 matches on Day 1.
  3. The normal pitch for a 50-50 over match can stand 100 overs of bowling so a 20-20 match with 20*2*3=120 (20 overs, 2 innings, 3 matches) overs of bowling can stand and support the play.
  4. Now say Team A set a target of 200 runs in Inning One and Team B made 210 runs in Inning Two of Match ONE. Team B who has scored more gets to decide who will bat first or bowl first in the Match TWO. Now in Match TWO, say Team B picked batting and scored only 100 runs in inning 3 and Team A scored 200 runs in inning 4 and won the match by 100 runs. So now on a total Team A has 400 runs and Team B has 310 runs.
  5. Now who picks bowling first will be decided by which team has taken maximum number of wickets in Matches ONE & TWO.
  6. Say Team B has taken maximum number of wickets and they decide to let Team A take batting first and Team A scores 100 runs in inning 5 (match 3). So their total would be 500 runs.
  7. Now to win Team B has to score 190+ runs in inning 6 of match THREE.
  8. Every team can change 5 players after each match of which 2 are international players and 3 are local players.

If not in its entirety it can be implemented say just for the finals match of the T20 Cricket Format.

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