I have the urge for doing a 360 degree development of a cool web app which will be used by most of the world market.

As per my 7 pillar framework, I find education to be the most opportunistic sector. Now lets see what are the different market segments in it. There are 3 segments in this industry.

  1. CMS & LCMS Makers
  2. ePublishing for CMS & LCMS
  3. eSchools or Universties which use the services for the 1st and the 2nd market segment to deliver there courses

Name any eLearning company in the world I bet there services are around these. I was thinking of what segment I can fit some cool idea which no one has touched, well after lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that they are all touched to the extent that I cannot imagine.

But no one has been doing what I have in mind. I have a 7 point framework for my new pet project which I have been tickling since a long long time. I want the code name of the project to be

I will be writing about Classrome more soon here. Keep watching.

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