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Intranet for a Corporate

August 8, 2009

I am designing an intranet for the 3rd time, first was in college, second was @ previous employer and now @ my current employer. I am enjoying working on it now as I have to justify each and every step, back it up with research and screenshots.

So an intranet makes sense for companies who work on lot of projects where there are lot of people say even 10 projects running at a time with say around atleast 50 people working on it, which is 5 person per project. For knowledge based companies and for creative companies it becomes a bare necessity other wise they will be redoing a lot of there work again and again. Intranet for a educational institute especially those who impart technical or managerial training make much more sense because without they would be repeating the same cycle again and again. With the Intranet they would create a knowledge base of lot of students and help a student march much more faster in the road-map of acquiring more skills using richer resources.

There is no out of box intranet still available especially for educational institutes. Since the needs of every educational institute is the same, the solution will also be the same, hence I see yet another opportunity in making a cool project idea out of this blog post which is “Intranet for a Corporate”.

Lets have a look at some of the out of box Intranet solutions. They are:

  • FLOSS – OpenAtrium (
  • SaS – BackPack (
  • Proprietary – Intranet Dashboard (
  • SaS/FLOSS/Proprietary – (

The one which has all possible features is Intranet Dashboard (ID), whereas the most KISSED (keep it simple and social) is BackPack. Features of ID are exactly what my company intranet demands. Some of them are which I could have not even thought of.

I have to do lot of research tomorrow and they after tomorrow and make prototypes based on the research. Its saturday & sunday still I have to go as I have to make a delivery on Monday.

I will share all my research findings here on Monday. So keep watching.

7 Pillars of ClassRome – Part 1

August 6, 2009

I blogged about some minutes back, have some more time before going to bed so decided to blog yet another entry on ClassRome.

This is my 5th attempt at making a 7 point framework. (Previous attempts were on Information Age, Entertainment Industry and well Rainbow (VIBGYOR) & Music (7 Notes) also.)

The 7 Pillars of any school-2-college-2-higher-college-2-first-job person is:

  1. Classroom Bunking
  2. Dating
  3. Notes Sharing
  4. Exams
  5. Guest Lectures
  6. School/College Events
  7. Career Building

All possible student activities revolve around these pillars. As and when I have time, I will be writing more about them.


August 6, 2009

I have the urge for doing a 360 degree development of a cool web app which will be used by most of the world market.

As per my 7 pillar framework, I find education to be the most opportunistic sector. Now lets see what are the different market segments in it. There are 3 segments in this industry.

  1. CMS & LCMS Makers
  2. ePublishing for CMS & LCMS
  3. eSchools or Universties which use the services for the 1st and the 2nd market segment to deliver there courses

Name any eLearning company in the world I bet there services are around these. I was thinking of what segment I can fit some cool idea which no one has touched, well after lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that they are all touched to the extent that I cannot imagine.

But no one has been doing what I have in mind. I have a 7 point framework for my new pet project which I have been tickling since a long long time. I want the code name of the project to be

I will be writing about Classrome more soon here. Keep watching.

Why ‘7’

August 6, 2009

A friend of mine and a colleague at office were asking me repeatedly that why do I choose always 7 as the count for analyzing any projects that come to my table (I work as an Information Architect).

The answer is simple. There are only 7 colors in a rainbow and there are only 7 notes in music. Based on the 7 colors of rainbow and 7 notes in music unlimited amount of color combinations and songs and symphonies have been made.

Isn’t this a simple thought.


7 Pillars of Entertainment Industry – Part 1

August 6, 2009

There are 7 pillars of entertainment industry, be it a movie or a theater. They are:

  1. Happy & Sad
  2. Love (Romance) & Hate
  3. Winning (Fight, Sports, War) & Losing
  4. Sci-Fi & Animation
  5. Horror & God
  6. Comedy & Tragedy
  7. Action (Fight, Sex) & Suspense

All possible movies, dramas have been built and will be built around these pillars. They might include maybe just one pillar or maybe more than one pillar.

As and when I have time, I will be writing more about them.