7 Pillars of the Information Age – Part 4


What is transaction?

Any form of activity with which you transact which mean you spend money is called transaction. The transaction could be for buying books from Amazon, or for buying an online subscription for Playboy or for buying a .com domain name or for buying a online space at a B2B market space.

Who are the players?

Under the transaction pillar lie we have each and every .com which might be a ecommerce website or any other .com where people are trying to sell goods or services directly online. Any transaction that does not happen online is not under the transaction pillar.

Who are the Blue Ocean Pioneers?

  1. eCommerce companies who were on the forefront of the technologies. Amazon.com is the pioneer and the market leader in this segment. Their investment, strategies and returns are in the way of making shopping just a 3 click job, selling more products contextually and a good margin which is there because so many middle man hands are cut off in this way of business.
  2. Now eB2b companies are still lacking far behind the game, because they don’t have any standardizations.
  3. Then there are sites which help in paying money online by assuring you that your credit card won’t be abused like Paypal, Google Checkout etc.
  4. There are sites where in you can trade in stocks e.g sharekhan.com

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