7 Pillars of the Information Age – Part 3


What is communication?

Any form of activity with which you express yourself to an acquaintance and get immediate response which is nothing but formation of a loop cycle then it is called communication. Communication is different then broadcasting. So communication in the information age happens via networks which carry the messages across. The networks carry the information in text or audio or video format. When its text it could be an email or a SMS or a chat session on an IM or a chat room. When its audio it could be a phone call from one terminal to another terminal using a telephone, it could be a call from one computer to another computer using VoIP. When its video it could be again through broadband connections using special gadgets otherwise using a computer terminal mounted with camera and a good software to cast it to the receivers computer desk.

Who are the players?

Under the communication pillar, we have each and every telecommunication company and some IM’s who allow text, audio and some times also video communication.

Who are the Blue Ocean Pioneers?

  1. Telecommunications Companies…any names(well many..). Their investments and returns are in the way of the networks and gadgets and subscription fees or meter bills respectively.
  2. IM’s (Yahoo Instant Messenger, Microsoft Messenger, Google Talk, Skype & iChat). Their investments, strategies and returns are in the way of making great software, giving it for free and advertising & meter bills. They do give lot of offering for free, which is nothing but an investment in getting people aboard on the Information Age and getting them used to this mode of communication.

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